They are not sorry

(And why you should move on)

If you owned a bed and breakfast, how much would you charge someone for a room?

What about if you are an expert in something? How much do you charge someone to “pick your brain”?

We have all been hurt. “Small” hurts like taking the last piece of fried chicken or being cut off in traffic.

But what about a “BIG” hurt?

To me, a big heart is one that involves the person abandoning a child, ruining finances, a physical or emotional hurt or anything that you have to deal with on a daily basis.

When we do not receive the proper apology we believe we deserve, we may choose to just keep the anger burning up inside instead of letting it go.

We don’t wanna be bothered, right?

But every night, when your kids and partner (or pet or plants or books) are asleep and your house gets quiet, what is on your mind?

So aren’t you being “bothered” anyway? 👀👀👀

I have always seen not forgiving someone as allowing that person free space in your mind. And I don’t know about you, but my mind is precious real estate, honey!

If this person is someone you don’t want around, why would you allow them to freeload in your mind every day for FREE?

And no matter how large your head is (and some of you have some pretty large heads like I do 🤪) we only have so much space in our brains.

So all that free real estate you are allowing to burn with hate for that person who hurt you is space that could’ve been used for something so much more productive.

Space for cool things like:

A new business plan.

A new recipe.

A new book.

A new song.

A party idea.

A painting.

A new coat of paint for your living room.

A new vision board.

A new plan to get your body back moving again.

All of these positive things you COULD be focused on, yet you are focused on something that has been dead for a long time. 👀

I don’t know who this message is for but maybe there is someone who is reading this who has been hurting inside with hate for someone and has not been able to move on.

They probably see this person living their best life (or so they think) on social media and that makes them burn with hate even more.

But I beg you, as my Soror Kara says: leave it here right today.

If that person has not apologized, THEY ARE NOT SORRY!

And from past experience believe me, even if they ARE sorry, they are not going to apologize.

Honey, that load you have been carrying has been so heavy for so many years.

Put it down and move on. Your brain is too beautiful to be filled with trash.

I pray you all have a productive and peaceful week!

(I cannot believe this is the last week of January. 👀)




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