Dominos Pizza will steal your man

All men are dogs.

Well, except for Avery (my man), of course.

My man is thoughtful and kind. He has always made me feel secure in our relationship so I have never felt the need to worry about other women. I’ve never even been tempted to look through his cell phone!

Even after being under lockdown for a year during the pandemic, our relationship has been drama-free.

Until today. And it started out innocently enough.

Avery had left his phone on the dresser while he showered and I was putting our laundry away when his phone buzzed and then lit up with a text message from the name: “Domino’s Pizza”.

Domino’s Pizza? I thought. Really? Couldn’t he have at least come up with an actual name for his side chick so that I wouldn’t get suspicious if she sent a message or called?

Part of me wanted to turn the phone face down on his dresser and leave the room.

But the insecure part of me HAD to look at the message to see what it said.

My hand trembled as I held his phone in my hand.

When I tapped the message, I was prompted me to enter a password.

“Oh no!” I said as I typed in my boyfriend’s birthdate:




I typed in his mother’s birthday, and again:



I knew if I entered the wrong code again, Avery’s phone would be disabled and he would know I had been messing around with it.

Ugh! I said to myself as typed MY birthday into the phone, just as I heard the water shut off in the shower.

The phone unlocked and a message appeared:

“We’re still on for 8, right? 😍 I am so excited 😜💁🏽‍♀️!” the emoji-filled message said.

“Babe have you seen my phone?” I jumped as I turned to Avery standing in the doorway. I quickly reached behind me to place his phone back onto the dresser.

“No…,” I said, obviously distracted.

“What, are you blind? It’s right there!” he said as he reached behind me and picked it up.

As he read the message, he smiled.

“Why are you cheezin’ so hard? You got a message from your girlfriend?” I asked, half-jokingly.

“Naw, it’s just my boy from work. He always sends the craziest memes!” I rolled my eyes at how easily he was able to lie.

‘Well, I’m going to do some work,” I said as I grabbed my backpack.

“Work? You’re done with your classes! You’re officially a college graduate now, right?” he said as he wrapped his arms around me. My body stiffened.

“Technically yes, but now I have to work on my resume.”

“But I wanted you to go with me to meet up for drinks with my boy and his wife tonight. You down? It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we’ve been out to dinner!”

I frowned. I didn’t want to hang out and fake like I was happy,

I wanted to know who the hell Domino’s Pizza was.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said as I pulled a pair of jeans out of the drawer and slid them on.

“Oh no, baby. No jeans. This place is pretty upscale. Put on that dress you’ve been waiting a year to wear!”

As Avery turned and left the room as I took the red dress out of the closet. My mind was racing.

Who was “Domino’s Pizza”?


As I buckled my seatbelt, Avery turned tuned the radio to our favorite station on XM: Talk radio. A woman was calling in for advice on how to deal with catching her husband texting with another woman.

“What a dummy,” Avery said. “He sounds like he WANTED to get caught! Who leaves their phone unlocked around a WOMAN?” he said as he threw his head back and laughed.

I just shook my head. I was sure Avery was cheating on me, so he had no room to talk about anyone else.

As we pulled into the valet at the restaurant, Avery leaned over and kissed me. “You look so beautiful, babe,” he said as the valet opened my door.

“Thank you,” I said through clenched teeth. Who is “Domino’s Pizza”?

“Where is your friend?” I asked as I looked around the restaurant.

“Oh he got us a private room because he was still nervous about the pandemic. Plus, he thinks he’s a baller,” Avery said as he led me down the hall to the back room.

I tried to stay calm, but I just couldn’t hold it in.

As Avery reached for the door to the room and opened it, I put my hand on his.

“Are you cheating on me, Avery?” I yelled,

just as the door swung open to reveal a room filled with my family and friends and a giant banner that read:


Crystal Senter-Brown is the author of 7 books and lives in New England with her husband and a hair tie-stealing Yorkie who is named after a famous tennis star.



I write the stories you love to read.

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