Dandelion people: Dr. Latoya Bosworth

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Day 20

I have known Dr. Latoya Bosworth (aka Brenda’s Child) for almost 20 years.

Since we are poets, our creative work intersected over the years as we each presented programming for the community.

The pandemic slowed some of this down, but Dr. Boz has continued to offer programming, even virtually.

But it was something that happened at her event on Sunday that allowed me to see the impact she is making far beyond where she will ever see, which is why I call her a “dandelion” person.

Dandelion people are people who are thinking BEYOND what will benefit them right now, they are mentoring young people, planting sustainable gardens in the community, fostering children in their homes, mentoring, all things they don’t have to do, but do.

There was one very young woman on Dr. Bosworth’s workshop on Sunday who stood out to me, because she attended almost the ENTIRE 2 hour workshop…

with a NEWBORN BABY. in her arms.

As soon as I saw the baby in her arms I had to turn my camera off because I began to cry! 😭😭

(Yes I cry at the drop of a hat, and that’s MY BUSINESS 🤣🤣🤣) but this was different.

For the first time, I saw beyond that workshop and immediately thought about the young mother, her baby, and even the lives her baby will touch years from now.

Yesterday allowed me to see the work is bigger than us.

It’s the work we were born to do. The work we would do for free if we had to (but please pay us so we don’t have to eat porridge for dinner like Oliver Twist 🤪).

I call people like Latoya “dandelion” people. Dandelion people don’t just bloom where they are but they spread their seeds out and then are carried to places far beyond where they will ever see! They even go a step further by allowing space to bring your child if need be. Is this the perfect scenario? No! But as mothers we all know how it feels to not have a babysitter and want to attend an event that will help us and our family. Dr. Boz leaves no room for a woman to have an excuse not to attend.

I am proud to be able to work alongside Dr. Boz to sow seeds of strength & resilience for generations to come.

Question: Can you see the impact you’re making beyond your own family? If not, do you have a desire to?

If you are not already following Latoya, follow her!



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